[Talk] The Orang Laut of Singapore: Past, Present, Future

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Readers in Singapore may be interested in this talk in Singapore on 22 August about the Orang Laut (sea people) of Singapore.

This talk examines the Orang Laut (Sea People) as indigenes of Singapore, placing them in geological, archaeological, historical and current contexts. Learn about their connections to the Orang Laut of the Riau Archipelago (an archipelago comprising some 3,200 islands) in present-day Indonesia.

As sea levels are set to rise globally in the next few decades, what can we learn from the Orang Laut’s modes of adaptation to a similar phenomenon some 7,000 years ago?

About the Speaker
Dr Vivienne Wee is an anthropologist who has conducted extensive field research in Singapore and Indonesia, especially in the Riau Archipelago. She has a PhD in Anthropology from the Australian National University and holds a MSocSc in Sociology from the University of Singapore, and Bachelor’s degrees in Music and Anthropology from the University of Minnesota.

Source: The Orang Laut of Singapore: Past, Present, Future