Bad idea: To open up Angkor Wat at night

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Here’s a bit of worrying news from Siem Reap. It seems that the tourism authorities want to extend visiting hours to the Angkor temples to night time in a bid to get more tourists and their dollars. I wonder what kind of infrastructural change facilitating night visits will entail – the construction of proper walking tracks so visitors don’t go literally feeling their way around? What about the placement of lights? The second story reports about how some agency (not sure who, the blame’s still being shifted around) had drilled holes into the walls of Angkor Wat for the installation of lightbulbs. It sounds like every conservationist’s fears about preserving the site is coming true…

Cambodia '08 - 214 - Angkor Wat
photo credit: mckaysavage

Cambodia may open Angkor Wat at night for visits
AP, via the Star, 26 May 2009

Holes are drilled into the angkor wat temple to attach electric bulbs – Who Is Wrong?
The Mirror, 25 May 2009
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