No such thing as bad publicity for beleaguered Indonesian museum

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For all the bad press the Radya Pustaka Museum in Solo has been getting this past year, it goes to show that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The new controversy is centred on the discovery of fake antique puppets, initially thought to be a hundred years old, but discovered to be made in the 1980s. There is an upside to the story though – for all the troubles the museum has been experiencing, it saw a spike in visitors in the past month. However, 700 visitors in the last month puts the average to about 22 visitors daily – which still makes it a pretty poor average in the first place.

Shadow Puppets Maker / Indonesia, Yogyakarta
photo credit: flydime

Fake Antique Puppets Found in Radya Pustaka Museum
Tempo Interaktif, 01 June 2009

Radya Pustaka Museum Crowded with Visitors
Tempo Interaktif, 08 June 2009
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