Do stone buildings equal to ‘advanced civilisation’?


I’m not quite sure what a news story is trying to say when, after looking at remains from the past, they declare that the ancient people had a higher level of civilisation than previously thought. This story seems to suggest that since the ancient (well, not that since it’s dated to about 14-17th C) people at Kota Batu new how to construct buildings with stones, they were an ‘advanced civilisation’. It’s probably an oversimplication of the idea that monumental architecture equals complex societies equals ‘civilisation’ – but I’d argue that the reverse is not true. The absence of monumental architecture may not necessarily mean that that a complex societal structure or ‘civilisation’ existed.

Kota Batu artefacts, Bru Direct 20110120

Kota Batu Archaeological Site Tells Of Brunei’s Advanced Civilisation
Bru Direct, 20 January 2011
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