Wednesday Rojak #4

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We visit Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia for some kite flying, coastal kingdoms and hobbits – all in this week’s edition of Wednesday Rojak!

  • Adam in Cambodia shows an impressive miniature of Angkor Wat and the man who built it.
  • Chea Sophorn introduces us to the ancient Khmer pastime of kite-flying.
  • Learn about the ancient coastal region of Arakan, in Myanmar (Burma).
  • Ruben Latre releases a trailer for an upcoming documentary, Angkor City of Gods.
  • And, for anyone keeping track of the Flores Hobbit or homo floresiensis saga, Nick Carlton of Strange Corridor has a great summary of the story so far.

In this series of weekly rojaks (published on Wednesdays) I’ll feature other sites in the blogosphere that are of related to archaeology in Southeast Asia. Got a recommendation for the next Wednesday rojak? Email me!

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