RM185,000 offered for Bigfoot ‘print’

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8 October 2006 (The Star) – The Johor Hominid is back again! Actually, not quite. The Paranaormal Seekers Malaysia are desperate for funds and hence are willing to part with their prized Bigfoot cast in order to continue their investigations. What I really think is someone should donate them more plaster to make better casts!

The Star, 8 Oct 2006

RM185,000 offered for Bigfoot ‘print’

A private museum owner in the United States has offered US$50,000 (RM185,000) for the cast of what the Paranormal Seekers Malaysia (Seekers) claims to be Bigfoot’s footprint.

Seekers had auctioned the cast, which was made during an expedition to Kota Tinggi in February last year, in eBay Malaysia with a starting bid of RM100,000.

But there were no takers when the auction ended last Wednesday.

There were, however, interested parties from the United States, which included the private museum owner and a Bigfoot researcher.

Johor Hominid: For those of you just tuning in…

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From a spaced-out theory to a full-blown scandal, you might want to check the related links below to see all the posts published here about the Johor Homind fracas. In summary, rumours of a bigfoot-like creature roaming the jungles of Johor have led to speculation that the bigfoot is an undiscovered living hominid species. This hominid hypothesis is championed by Sean Ang, a paleontology-background scientist, and Vincent Chow, a biodiversity researcher. On it’s own merits, the hominid thesis stands on the evidence of a (single) footprint (pun intended) and “sightings” (read: hearsay).

If the evidence wasn’t compelling enough as it stood, last week the two researchers posted photographic “evidence” on their website, which was promptly denounced as plagiarim when a visitor provided a full photo of the alleged bigfoot, leading to the shutdown of the website.

For the latest developments, a good detailed summary of the news to date, and the latest comment postings by Sean Ang himself, check out Cryptomundo at http://www.cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/jhwebdown/

Down but not out…

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6 Aug 2006 (Johor Homind website) – In the wake of the photograph scandal, the website has been taken down indefinitely with the following message:

Down but not out, the Search continues..

Dear Visitors,

First of all, johorhominid.org would like to thank all of you for assisting us in the identification of the hoax photograph. The respective winner of the Award will be contacted via email.

Given that the current evidence for the existence of a hominid is weaker,we are currently closing down this site temporarily pending the investigation of the alleged hominid/hominoid cave and skull. Initially the focus is on lobbying the JWPS on the release of the photograph.

Now that we have completed the mission, Vincent Chow will focus more on the fieldwork and exploration. Please email us if you wish to be updated about the expeditions via the SMS technology.

Email to sms_listing@johorhominid.org

Something is still out there..

The Founders johorhominid.org

Bigfoot website closed after revelations

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5 Aug 2006 (The Star) – As if the allegation that the existence of a Johor Hominid wasn’t scandalous enough, the creators behind the website are now embroiled in a plagiarism scandal for posting an alleged picture of the bigfoot. (Kudos to Liz Price for the heads up)

The Star, 05 Aug 2006

Bigfoot website closed after revelations

The website set up for discussion on the local Bigfoot has been closed for “maintenance”, and two major players in the search for the creature are making conflicting statements about photos related to the phenomenon.

These dramatic developments came about after www.johorhominid.org released a photo yesterday that it claimed was an actual shot of a female Bigfoot’s eyes…

However, at around 6pm, a visitor to the website posted a full-head shot of a creature in the comment page, which showed the same bloodshot eyes featured in the first photo.

“You have no credibility left! Habis! (Finished!),” the visitor wrote, adding that the full-head shot had been obtained from another website.

Bigfoot named as Johor Hominid


2 July 2006 (New Straits Times) – Researchers have set up a website on the entity formerly known as the Johor Bigfoot (now known as the Johor Hominid) with the aim of presenting their findings and arguments towards an existing, living hominid species in the jungles of Johor. Given that the current evidence is still tenuous at best, I’m not inclined to believe of the existence of the bigfoot/hominid yet. Stay tuned as developments come about!

Bigfoot named as Johor Hominid

A website set up by local researchers of the Johor Bigfoot has named the elusive giant biped as the Johor Hominid.

The johorhominid.org website stated the Johor Hominid phenomenon was probably the most significant and mind-shattering discovery in anthropology

Reverse evolution theory about the Johor Bigfoot


30 June 2006 (New Straits Times) – More news on the Johor Bigfoot, with a paleontology scientist conjuecturing that the Johor Bigfoot may have been/be a homo erectus who has undergone reverse evolution. It seems to me at this point that the news is still too sensational, as the conjecture is remains what it is: a conjecture, and nothing conclusive has been made. Stay tuned for this saga to unfold!

Reverse evolution theory about the Johor Bigfoot

The Johor Bigfoot could be a Homo erectus that had undergone “reverse evolution”.

Sean Ang, a scientist from Kuala Lumpur who had analysed the prehistoric Perak Man excavated by Universiti Sains Malaysia in 1994, said based on evidence compiled about the creature by biodiversity researcher Vincent Chow, he thought the creature might have been in existence for more than 65,000 years.

“I concur with Chow’s findings that this could be an unknown species that went through reverse evolution to end up as a less intelligent creature than Peking Man, who could use fire and tools.