RM185,000 offered for Bigfoot ‘print’

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8 October 2006 (The Star) – The Johor Hominid is back again! Actually, not quite. The Paranaormal Seekers Malaysia are desperate for funds and hence are willing to part with their prized Bigfoot cast in order to continue their investigations. What I really think is someone should donate them more plaster to make better casts!

The Star, 8 Oct 2006

RM185,000 offered for Bigfoot ‘print’

A private museum owner in the United States has offered US$50,000 (RM185,000) for the cast of what the Paranormal Seekers Malaysia (Seekers) claims to be Bigfoot’s footprint.

Seekers had auctioned the cast, which was made during an expedition to Kota Tinggi in February last year, in eBay Malaysia with a starting bid of RM100,000.

But there were no takers when the auction ended last Wednesday.

There were, however, interested parties from the United States, which included the private museum owner and a Bigfoot researcher.