SOS for Krabi

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Liz Price alerted me to this website raising awareness of an illegal quarry in Krabi, Thailand. The limestone hills of Thailand contain several important prehistoric sites, including rock art and the Lang Longrien shelter but many of these hills have yet to be explored.

The attention of “sosKrabi” is focused today on a quarry which has been recently open without “legal” authorization. This new quarry destroyed one of the prettiest assembly lines which characterize the area. These moutains shelter still unexplored prehistoric caves in which are important prehistoric vestiges, more than 40.000 years for some…!

Capped by rare remainders of primary forests hitherto saved, these mountains are in the hands of Bangkok rich companies who grant illegally the rights to reduce them in several aggregates (stones, materials for cement, constructions, etc).

Last bastions for the wildlife, they are seriously threatened, by cupidities of men without scruples whose scandalous actions are carried out discreetly and most if the inhabitants are not informed by the reality woven in these landscapes which are stupidly destroyed.

To find out more and how you can lend your support, visit SOS for Krabi.