The story of Homo Luzonensis

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via ABS-CBN News (2019, no date given): A long feature about the discovery and implications of the Homo luzonensis discovery from the Philippines.

Mijares found the curious foot bone in Callao Cave, in a town in Cagayan province, around 500 kilometers north of Manila.

The town of Peñablanca, bordered on the east by the great Sierra Madre mountain range, is home to 300 caves and 118,000 hectares of protected forest land.

Of these, the 7-chamber Callao Cave is the most popular. At one point, locals converted one of its chambers into a chapel, now called the “Divine room.”

But unknown to tourists, Callao Cave has tens of thousands of years’ worth of history just waiting to be uncovered.

Source: The story of Homo Luzonensis | ABS-CBN News