Myanmar still needs technical assistance to save heritage

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Bagan. Source: TTR Weekly 20150928

Myanmar’s Minister for Culture notes the ongoing challenges to put Bagan on the Unesco World Heritage List.

Bagan. Source: TTR Weekly 20150928

Bagan. Source: TTR Weekly 20150928

Bagan needs assistance to save heritage
TTR Weekly, 28 September 2015

Myanmar’s Minister for Culture says Bagan is facing challenges to preserve the area’s heritage.
Union Minister for Culture, U Aye Myint Kyu, told local media during a workshop, late last week, that technical expertise, communications and cultural understanding were crucial for Bagan if it is to save its heritage.

“There is a need to make sure heritage conservation management is in line with UNESCO’s policy, as well as taking on board experts from ASEAN member states in conserving Bagan’s cultural heritages and work for enlisting Bagan in the world heritage list.”

Bagan Archaeological Zone covers about 42 sq km (16 miles) and has more than 3,000 pagodas.

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Myanmar releases draft laws for heritage protection

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Gandhi Hall in Yangon. Source: Myanmar Times 20150505

The Myanmar Ministry of Culture has released draft laws for heritage conservation, but heritage groups say the laws say little about urban conservation.

Gandhi Hall in Yangon. Source: Myanmar Times 20150505

Gandhi Hall in Yangon. Source: Myanmar Times 20150505

YCDC, heritage trust to press on with conservation law
Myanmar Times, 05 May 2015

The release of two draft heritage protection laws last month blindsided Yangon’s main heritage preservation group and the municipal authorities, who have been working together on a conservation law to protect the city’s heritage buildings.

However, both say a dedicated conservation law for Yangon will still be needed, even if the new draft laws are enacted.

Drafted by the Ministry of Culture, the laws were published in state-run media on April 19 and 20.

Contacted for comment after the laws were released, both Yangon Heritage Trust and Yangon City Development Committee said they had not yet read the drafts and requested more time to comment.

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Conservationists complain about lack of protection for 17th-century Malaccan church

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Heritage conservationists are protesting over the parking of heavy machinery in the compound of a 17th-century chapel along the Malacca river. I’m not sure if the machinery are damaging the site in any way, but it seems like the cconservationists are arguing that the use of the chapel grounds as parking space for their piling machines show disrespect to the monument.

photo credit: Biyu

Official: Protect Malacca ruins
The Star, 07 April 2009
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Heritage that is 'very much alive'


14 August 2006 (New Straits Times) – An interview with Malaysia’s heritage commissioner – and archaeologist – Prof. Dutuk Zuraina Majid, who talks about recovering prehistoric skeletons and the preservation of Malaysian heritage.

Heritage that is ‘very much alive’

Early next year, Heritage Commissioner Prof Datuk Dr Zuraina Majid will go abroad — her destination is top secret. Her mission is to bring back an integral part of the country’s past — 10 boxes of prehistoric skeletons excavated from Gua Cha, Kelantan, in the 1950s. Next month, two graves of important historical personalities from Perak who died in exile will also be moved back to the country from abroad. Zuraina, well-known for discovering the Perak Man, the oldest human skeleton found in the country, explains that heritage is more than just old buildings and mansions.