Encounters With An Archaeologist In Singapore

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Public archaeology at Fort Canning. Source: Little Day Out, 20190930

via Little Day Out, 30 Sep 2019: Last weekend, archaeologists from the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies were having a public archaeology day in Fort Canning.

Few might know of archaeologists in Singapore. In fact, is there even anything to dig? Everything in Singapore seems pretty … well excavated. So, we spoke to an archaeologist and his team of diggers to uncover some truth about what the life of an archaeologist in Singapore is like.

An archaeologist is a person that studies human history through research and excavation of sites, analysis of artefacts and other physical remains. The most recent digs were at Fort Canning Park, where Mr Michael Ng, Research Officer of ISEAS has been attempting to find 14th century remains.

Source: Encounters With An Archaeologist In Singapore – Little Day Out