Vietnamese collector talks about his antiques


13 October 2007 (Viet Nam Net Bridge) – A feature on a longtime Vietnamese collector of antiques, whose single pieces are worth up to a quarter of a million dollars.

Vietnam Net Bridge, 13 Oct 2007

The owner of nonpareil antiques
by Tuoi Tre

He is not even known by many antique collectors, but anyone who had a chance to see part of Duong Phu Hien’s huge antique collection would be shocked by the value.

The house of collector Duong Phu Hien is full of antiques, from the basement to the top, but the owner is very modest and doesn’t like to boast about the collection. It was very hard for a Tuoi Tre reporter to get access to Mr. Hien’s collection and to know about his most valuable collection of ceramics. Mr. Hien said that those antiques (ceramic-sekeleton pottery items with the colour of green beetle or do luc in Vietnamese) are treasures of treasures.

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