Angkor Code of Conduct video

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The APSARA Authority launches an entertaining public service announcement video about what tourists shouldn’t do when visiting the temples of Angkor. Watch and share!

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The New Paper, 10 December 2015

An elephant-riding Angkor-era warrior looks on appalled as visitors to Angkor Wat smoke, take selfies with monks, and put their feet on statues in a video released on Friday to encourage good behaviour at Cambodia’s most popular ancient site.

The film, produced by the Apsara Authority, which runs the Angkor temple complex, hammers home a code of conduct introduced earlier this year after highly publicised incidents of bad behaviour including the use of the temple as a backdrop for nude photos.

“It’s our duty to respect the Angkor code of conduct,” Apsara Authority’s deputy director-general Sok Sangvar says in the slickly produced two-minute film.

“These rules are made in order to prevent negative impacts on our temple, our environment and our culture.”

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