Cambodia aims to vent some tourist pressure through designated routes.

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17 October 2007 (TravelVideo.TV) – There was a brief mention about new designated tourists routes in Angkor Wat earlier, and this article provides more information about the proposed tourist routes. Cambodian tourism has always had the problem of having too many visitors, which is causing the temples a lot of stress as even Siem Reap town struggles to keep up with the tourist bandwidth. Visitors to Angkor may soon have to follow designated circuit routes, designed to stave attention off Angkor Wat and bring tourists to the other temples in Angkor.

Incidentally, there are already two circuit routes in Angkor, the Grand Circuit and the Minor Circuit, which take either an eastward or westward circular route around the temples. These routes are still rather long and I don’t think they can be done in a day. What I’d really like to see is smaller, thematic routes through Angkor, organised by period or ruler, that would give the Angkor tourists a chance to appreciate the Khmer temples even more. So maybe a Bayon-style route, or a Indravarman route, which would give tourists a reason to come back.

Angkor Wat

New tourist route could be answer to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat woes
by Stéphane Hanot

As tourism in Angkor Wat continues to grow unabated, a new tourist route could alleviate some of the tourist pressure. For many years now, the Cambodian government has been looking for solutions to take some of the pressure out of the site. As the first seven months of 2007 brought 442,000 visitors to Siem Reap International Airport, a growth of 38 percent, Angkor Wat is poised to continue to take a beating from the hordes of tourists that visit the world heritage site.

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