Wednesday Rojak #9

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We’ve got a number of features in this week’s Rojak, we take a look at some Cambodian museums, remember the passing of an Indonesian paleontologist and review the early states of Southeast Asia.

  • The Chicago Reader has an article on Ty Tim, an archivist at the Cambodian American Heritage Museum.
  • Andy Brouwer blogs about the new Angkor National Museum that is opening in December.
  • Tokyohead has an excellent series of pictures and posts about the various temples of Angkor, like this one on Bantaey Srei, or the Citadel of Women.
  • Learn about the Cambodian Silkworm Festival, held during the day of the full moon in September from the Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles
  • In the regular Indonesians in Focus series, Barrie from Planet Mole posts an obituary of preeminent Indonesian paleontologist Teuku Jacob, one of the most vocal critics to the homo floresiensis-as-a-new species theory.
  • Paul K. Manansala gives us an overview of the Early States in Southeast Asia.

In this series of weekly rojaks (published on Wednesdays) I’ll feature other sites in the blogosphere that are of related to archaeology in Southeast Asia. Got a recommendation for the next Wednesday rojak? Email me!

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