Culture Ministry seeks to preserve heritage structures

via Phnom Penh Post, 02 November 2017:

Cambodia is littered with an overwhelming number of architectural heritage sites from a range of periods throughout the country’s history, and these intangible pieces of cultural history play an important role in preserving parts of the culture and boosting socioeconomic development.

Source: Culture Ministry seeks to preserve heritage structures, Post Property, Phnom Penh Post

Heritage of Malaysia Trust

Shaiful, a reader of this blog, pointed me towards Badan Warisan, or the Heritage Trust of Malaysia, an NGO dedicated to the preservation of Malysia’s built heritage. From its website:

Heritage of Malaysia Trust

Badan Warisan Malaysia has played a distinctive role in the promotion of the preservation and conservation of Malaysia’s built heritage since our formation in 1983 as a Non-Government Organisation, concerned with the conservation and preservation of Malaysia’s built heritage. We are a voluntary organisation with charity status i.e. tax exemption.

Our members have been involved in the preservation of significant built heritage structures and sites throughout the country including Rumah Bomoh and Rumah Kutai in Perak, Gedung Raja Abdullah in Kelang, Selangor, Istana Tengku Long in Terengganu, Mesjid Merbok Pengkalan Kakap in Kedah and the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur. In 1995, Badan Warisan Malaysia restored and adapted a 1925 colonial bungalow into a Heritage Centre with exhibition, seminar, specialist resource centre and meeting facilities. This is keeping with our belief that the built environment is a reflection of our national identity and thus be should be conserved for the future.