Lost Cities and Forgotten Past: The Archaeology of Singapore

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A talk about the archaeology of Singapore by Lim Chen Sian, one of the brains behind www.seaarchaeology.com. Chen (as he is commonly known) has been the backbone in a number of local excavations here in Singapore, and he has a treasure trove of anecdotes to share.

Lost Cities and Forgotten Past: The Archaeology of Singapore
30 Mar 2007
7 – 8 pm
Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore, Ngee Ann Auditorium

Lim Chen Sian, Researcher
Archaeology has always sparked the imagination, conjuring up images of lost cities and buried treasures of the past. How do archaeologists know where to look? What are the tools employed to assist them in their search for answers in the past? Is there anything in Singapore to dig up? Unbeknownst to many, archaeologists have been quietly digging up Singapore for the past two decades. Join us for an evening of tales from the field and learn about the wonderful world of archaeology in our own back yard.

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