Foreigner sues Government to recover artefacts


14 June 2006 (The Star Online) – Treasure hunters are suing the Malaysian customs department for seized artefacts. Reportedly Chinese and Filipino artefacts originated from US, were in transit in Malaysia before being sent to Dubai and sold for export. (Huh?)

Foreigner sues Government to recover artefacts

The wife of an American treasure hunter has filed a suit against the Customs Department director-general and Government for the return of over RM154mil worth of artefacts seized at Port Klang in September.

It was reported that the 361 artefacts were about to be shipped to Dubai in containers when they were intercepted and seized at Northport by the authorities for investigation.

It was also reported that some of the items seized included ceramic bowls and plates, vases, chairs and tables, wooden shields, bells, gongs, spears, keris, swords, cannons and large drums believed to be from countries such as China and the Philippines.