Smuggled Maitum jars represent a distinct group

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The remianing bags of Maitum jars that were recovered from looters last year are to be sent to the National Museum, after preliminary studies suggest that the faces depicted on them represent a distinctly separate group from the Ayub Cave pottery that was found 15 years ago.

Maitum Jars, Minda News, 03 September 2008

National Museum orders transport of remaining seized cultural artifacts
Minda News, 23 April 2009
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Archaeology in a war zone

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Last month, a hoard of rare potsherds that were looted from an archaeological site in Mindanao, Philippines, was intercepted by law enforcement officials. While it is fortunate that the artefacts were recovered, the damage has already been done in the loss of valuable contextual data. Furthermore, the ongoing war between the Philippine military and seccessionist groups in the region are threatening to further destroy any archaeological potential found in Mindanao, by inadvertently destroying sites or facilitating looting to fund further conflicts.

Maitum jars: the other casualty of the war in Mindanao
05 November 2008, Minda News
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Looted artefacts may represent an entirely different tribe

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It’s taken a long time, but Philippine archaeologists are finally examining a set of anthropomorphic jars that were recently seized from looters. The artefacts are thought to have been excavated as far back as 10 years ago. The unique nature of these jars coupled with ethnographic knowledge of the peoples currently inhabiting the region indicate that these jars may be the remains of an as-yet-unidentified population that once lived in Southern Philippines.

Artifacts from smugglers in Sarangani may lead to lost tribe
ABS-CBN News, 26 October 2008
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The anthropomorphic jars of Maitum


More news of the anthropomorphic jars found in Maitum, Southern Philippines are coming in including some pictures as seen on the websites. The cave site was accidentally found last weekend through the action of some bulldozing and is currently cordoned off by local authorities to prevent looting.

Maitum cave yields artifacts similar to 1991 find
Minda News, 10 Apr 2008
Ancient Burial Cave Discovered In Mindanao
The Mindanao Explorer, 10 Apr 2008
New cave find linked to ancient burial jars
Philippine Information Agency, 11 Apr 2008
LGU, MILF protect newly-found burial site
Philippine Information Agency, 11 Apr 2008
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