A parade of payas

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2 July 2006 (The Hindu) – Another travel piece with pictures of the Buddhist stupas in Bagan, Myanmar. Scholarship about Bagan is rare, more so pictures, so it’s a great introduction to this site.

The Hindu, 1 July 2006

A parade of payas

Bagan is Myanmar’s ode to Buddhism, as Borobudur is to Indonesia and Angkor Vat is to Cambodia. Situated in the dusty central plains of Myanmar, Bagan is literally a forest of stupas — more than 2,000 and still counting. From the moment you land, there is a never-ending procession of stupas of different shapes, sizes, height, colour, materials, vintage. Many are made of brick, some of stones and a few grand ones like the Anand Pahto dazzle with their golden steeples.

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