Ancient wall found beneath Malacca


30 November – 3 December (Various news sources, see below) – The news broke while I was bedridden with a particularly nasty fever, which explains the flurry of updates today. An piece of wall dated to Dutch Malacca was unearthed while work was underway for a controversial revolving tower in the historic city center. Here’s the news as it broke:

30 November 2006 (The Star) – Ancient wall find halts tower work
1 December 2006 (The Star) – Blocks similar to earlier find
1 December 2006 (New Straits Times) – Excavation for Malacca tower project unearths ruins of Dutch fort
1 December 2006 (Bernama) – Survey tower site possible Dutch fort
2 December 2006 (The Star) – Digging deep to verify Malacca wall status
2 December 2006 (New Straits Times) – Ancient wall most likely part of a Dutch fort
3 December 2006 (The Star) – Mohd Khalil visits site of ancient wall
3 December 2006 (Bernama) – Ancient wall discovery needs further study, says Rais

Strangely enough, I was just in Malacca last weekend. The city is certainly very historical, and there’s a lot of living heritage present as well. For now, the work on the tower has been suspended for a couple of weeks while archaeologists try to ascertain the structure the wall belongs to. The unearthed structure is believed to be part of a Dutch fort and may date between 1641 and 1824.