Wonders – Set 2


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Dive into the diverse heritage of Southeast Asia with this exquisite sticker collection. Each A5-sized sheet showcases six remarkable representations of key historical and cultural sites across the region. Enhance your personal items with these colorful and resilient stickers, capturing the essence of Southeast Asia’s rich past. This set features:

  • Pha That Luang, Laos: Regarded as Laos’ most important national monument, symbolizing Buddhist and Lao sovereignty.
  • Prambanan, Indonesia: A stunning Hindu temple complex, representing Indonesia’s significant Hindu cultural heritage.
  • Intramuros, Philippines: A historic walled area in Manila, reflecting the Philippines’ Spanish colonial history.
  • Malacca, Malaysia: Malacca is a historic city showcasing Malaysia’s diverse cultural influences and colonial past.
  • A Khmer-style Gateway (gopura): Emblematic of the architectural genius of the ancient Khmer civilization.
  • Trang An Landscape, Vietnam: A scenic landscape mixing natural beauty and ancient cultural heritage in Vietnam.

Adorn your laptops, notebooks, and more with these vibrant snapshots of Southeast Asian history! Crafted from durable, water-resistant Pearlized White PP (Polypropylene), each sticker in the set measures approximately 4-5 cm, offering a perfect blend of cultural celebration and artistic charm.

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