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Explore the rich tapestry of Southeast Asian history with our ‘Southeast Asian Heritage – Artifacts Collection’. Each A5-sized sheet in this set includes six beautifully detailed stickers, each representing a unique artifact that tells a story of the region’s ancient culture and craftsmanship. This set includes:

  • Balanghay Boat: Used by pre-colonial Filipinos for trade and migration, embodying the Philippines’ maritime heritage​​​​​​.
  • Dolmen: In Nias, Indonesia, dolmens were erected as monuments to chiefs, showcasing the megalithic traditions of Southeast Asia​​.
  • Ban Chiang Pottery: Discovered in Thailand, this pottery is a key element of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, representing an ancient culture​​.
  • Celadon Plate: Valued in Southeast Asia, these greenish ceramics symbolize the region’s ancient trade and artistic exchanges with East Asia​​.
  • Naga: Nagas represent water and abundance in Mainland Southeast Asia, and are often seen as protectors of Buddhism and sacred sites​​.
  • Lapita Pottery: Characteristic of the Lapita culture, which was instrumental in the settlement and cultural development of Island Melanesia and Polynesia​

Perfect for decorating laptops, notebooks, and other personal items, these stickers are made from durable, water-resistant Pearlized White PP (Polypropylene) and each measures around 4-5 cm. Adorn your belongings with these miniature tributes to Southeast Asia’s fascinating archaeological heritage

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