Artifacts Collection 2


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This sticker set brings the wonder of ancient Southeast Asian artifacts right to your fingertips. Each A5-sized sheet is adorned with detailed stickers that are  representations of significant archaeological finds from the region. This set includes:

  • Maros Point: distinctive toothed stone tools found in Sulawesi, Indonesia.
  • Manunggul Jar: Prehistoric terracotta burial jar from the Philippines with intricate boat and human figures on the lid.
  • A Jar from the Plain of Jars: These Iron Age jars are found scattered across the Xieng Khouang Plateau in Laos.
  • Dwarf Figure from Si Thep: Decoration found in the walls of the ancient site of Si Thep in Thailand.
  • Gajahsimha: A mythical creature fusing an elephant (Gajah) and lion (Simha), based on a sculpture found in Vietnam.

These stickers are crafted from high-quality, water-resistant Pearlized White PP (Polypropylene), ensuring durability and vibrance. Each sticker measures approximately 4-5 cm, making them perfect for personalizing laptops, notebooks, and more. Add a touch of historical elegance and mystery to your belongings with these unique and culturally rich artifacts!

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