A tale of two cities – Raimy Che Ross' side


15 Jun 2005 (malaysiakini.com) – Raimy Che Ross shares his (different) side of the story behind the lost city of Johor.

Discovery insight: Dumber and dumber

Somewhere in the underground vaults of a Jabatan Kerajaan’s Swedenborgian space, lurk two files; one marked “Gelanggi”; the other, “Linggui”.

The folder with “Linggui” scribbled over its cover should, by now, be about half a yard thick and bursting at its spine. Stuffed within are presumably minutes to clandestine meetings, press clippings, confidential memos, dodgy expedition plans, nefarious schemes, plus the frantic drafts of the forthcoming Cabinet Report due in August.

The other binder, bearing “Gelanggi” across its surface, would in comparison be quite a slim file. It would contain nothing more than a few personal letters and printed e-mails written by yours truly, my CV, perhaps copies of the JMBRAS article, and my original draft proposal for a proper follow-up expedition to validate the find.

Reason for the disparity?

Bolehlah-land buffoonery.