Exploring Laung Prabang

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06 October 2007 (The Star) – The Star posts a travel piece about the ancient capital of Luang Prabang in Laos.

The Star, 06 Oct 2007

What about Luang Prabang?
by Lim Chee Wah

Luang Prabang, the cultural capital of less-visited Laos, is one of the most mysterious towns in South-East Asia.

Luang Prabang is not easy to reach. Call me selfish but I would like to keep it that way. Getting to the place, 700m above sea level in Laos’ mountainous northern region, needs more than just proper planning. It takes a good deal of effort as well.

You could reach this Unesco World Heritage town from Huay Xai on the Thai border, cruising on a slow boat through the great Mekong; that journey takes two days. A bus ride from Vientiane, the capital of Laos, lasts at least 11 hours.

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