Wanted: Blog Writers for Global Ethnographic

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Global Ethnographic (an online open access journal) is seeking four writers to contribute one blog post every month on a topic related to one of the following themes:

1) Anthropology as a Change Agent
2) Identity
3) Conflict, Social Movements and Activism
4) Health and Technology
5) Representation
6) Anthropological Theory

The post should be at least 800 words in length, and integrate insights, views or reflections that connect to anthropology as a discipline and/or ethnography as a practice. Blog entries can be a dynamic and engaging way to present your thoughts and/or to start a conversation around issues of concern to all of us in or out of the field! They can also provide a venue to ‘air’ your ideas before developing them further.

Your post will feature on our website and also be shared on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter). It will be reviewed by our internal editorial team before being published to make sure it fits the technical requirements and is related to the topic at hand. It should be accessible to a wide readership. The inclusion of film and photography is encouraged but not necessary. Once published by GE, it will be freely available for you to post and/or share in your own networks.

If you are interested, please contact the GE Operations Manager: tiffany.cone@auw.edu.bd