Buddha statue ‘sweats’ holy water

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Buddha image of Wat Toom in Ayutthaya, said to ‘sweat’ holy water. Source: Bangkok Post, 20190401

via Bangkok Post, 01 Apr 2019: One of the sources of sacred waters being gathered for the coronation of the Thai king in May (see here and here). This source is rather unusual, from inside a Buddha statue in Ayutthaya and is considered the ‘sweat’ of the Buddha.

Wat Toom, a local temple in Ayutthaya province, is famous for its ancient Buddha statue, which believers claim to be a source of mysterious holy water.

The temple has recently attracted many visitors as it will be one of the sacred water sources for use in the coronation rites for His Majesty the King next month.

Wat Toom is situated in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district, an ancient town which was a former capital of Thailand until three hundred years ago.

The temple has long been famous among residents who come to worship the bronze Luang Phor Thongsuk Samrit statue.

The upper part of the head of the statue can be opened and taken off, revealing a hollow space on the inside where monks claim sacred water mysteriously drips from.

According to Wichai Sa-nguanpath, a temple attendant, the water leaks out “as if it were drops of sweat”.

Source: Buddha statue ‘sweats’ holy water | Bangkok Post: news