Tracing origins of native Indonesians through archaeology

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Source: Jakarta Post 20191108

via Jakarta Post, 08 November 2019: A recent exhibition at the National Museum of Indonesia explored the idea of nativeness through DNA studies. Archaeologist Harry Widianto gave an archaeological perspective of migrations into Indonesia at a recent event associated with the exhibition.

Sharing insights based on archaeological studies, the discussion participants concluded that amid the physical differences, all races in Indonesia actually came from similar evolutionary branches.

Archaeologist Harry Widianto explained that Papuan, Manadonese or people who live in other parts of Indonesia, such as East Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan and Sumatra, have different physical features, but that was influenced by several factors, namely local evolution, miscegenation and migrations.

“It’s a complex [process] and it can’t be generalized,” said Harry, who is an archaeologist at the Yogyakarta Archaeology Center.

Source: Tracing origins of native Indonesians through archaeology – Art & Culture – The Jakarta Post