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The Ramayana thru' Southeast Asia

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06 October 2007 (Newindpress) – If there’s such a thing as universal appeal in Southeast Asia, it’s gotta be the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. Drs M. and S. Krishnasamy write about how the influence of epic of Rama manifests itself in the countries of Southeast Asia.

Newindpress, 06 Oct 2007

A Sea view of Rama
Dr S Krishnaswamy and Dr Mohana Krishnaswamy

We are at the tail end of a fascinating journey through history, in a time machine that took us back 2500 years, and often brought us back and forth to the 21st Century. We made several trips in 2006 — first, for research and then for filming a television documentary serial titled Indian Imprints to be telecast on Doordarshan’s national network. It deals with the impact of ancient Indian culture on Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. This “episode” is devoted to Rama as perceived in SEA (‘South East Asia’, not the Sea at Palk Straight, which is making waves).

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Documentary tracing Indian influences through SEA to get a second series

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Indian Imprints, a documentary series tracing the influence of Indian culture and religion in Southeast Asia is set to receive a second series after the success of its first run. You can read about the filmmakers’ reflection of the Ramayana n Southeast Asia here. The first series looked at Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia. The proposed second series hopes to extend the focus to more Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar. Makes me wonder if they’ll touch on Malaysia (and all the baggage that encompasses).

New documentary tracks Indian footprints in southeast Asia
The Hindu, 18 April 2009
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