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A 19th-century Burmese illustrated manuscript. Source: The British Library Board

via The Guardian, 24 October 2019: The British Library has an exhibition on Buddhism until February 2019, with a crown piece being a 7.6m-long scroll from Myanmar.

A vibrantly coloured 19th-century Burmese illustrated manuscript has gone on public display for the first time as part of a major exhibition exploring Buddhism.

The British Library is putting more than 120 items on display for a show, opening to the public on Friday, which spans 20 countries over 2,000 years.

They include silk scrolls of sutras, painted wall hangings and delicate scriptures written on tree bark, gold plates and palm leaves.

The majority of items are from the library’s abundant collection of Buddhist material. This includes the Burmese scroll, which is 7.6 metres long and shows scenes from the early life of the Buddha Amitabha.

Source: Scroll depicting early life of Buddha goes on display for first time | Books | The Guardian

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