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Phuket Old Town. Source: Bangkok Post 20190921

via Bangkok Post, 21 Sep 2019: Multiple government agencies will have to work with each other in order to propose Phuket as a World Heritage Site next year.

CNN’s Travel edition in August revealed something which has gone under-reported in the foreign media about Phuket.

It diverted the spotlight away from Phuket’s world-renowned sun, sea and sand on the fringes of the island province to its city centre, where the Old Town was given long-overdue prominence.

The Old Town was listed by CNN among Asia’s 13 most picturesque towns. The report could not have come at a better time as Phuket is seeking another listing vital for sustaining its cherished past.

The Fine Arts Department and the Phuket provincial authorities are gearing up to propose to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) that Phuket Old Town be listed as a World Heritage (WH) site.

But before this happens, the authorities must build a strong case to convince Unesco that Phuket’s historical and cultural value have a shot at placement on the tentative WH list next year.

Source: Old Town Phuket earns praise

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