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via Khaosod, 30 August 2019: Terracotta warriors coming to Bangkok next week!

Envoys of the first Emperor of China’s ghost army will march into Bangkok next month.

The Ministry of Culture announced on Thursday that the Bangkok National Museum will hold an exhibition “Qin Shi Huang: The First Emperor of China and the Terracotta Warriors” for three months beginning this Sept. 15. The exhibition will feature four life-sized warrior figures and a bronze chariot set, among other artifacts excavated from the tomb in Xi’an.

Anan Chuchotti, Director-General of the Fine Arts Department, said the exhibition is the culmination of three years of negotiations with Chinese counterparts.

The collection of 133 relics will span the period before the unification of China in 221 BC, the Qin dynasty, and the Han dynasty.

Source: Terracotta Warriors To March into Bangkok This Sept.

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