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Tourists at Angkor Wat. Stock Photos by saiko3p / Shutterstock

via Xinhua, 14 August 2019: The ban on food was announced earlier this year, but this ruling specifically deals with Angkor Wat.

Cambodia banned tourists from eating food on the lawns around the Angkor Wat temple, local authority told Xinhua on Wednesday, saying that the practice diminishes the temple’s cultural value and harms the environment.

Hang Pov, director general of Apsara National Authority responsible for protecting and preserving the Angkor Archeological Park, told Xinhua that food vendors are also prohibited from setting up mattresses or hammocks for guests to eat meals on the grass around the temple.

“These activities have affected the value of cultural heritage as well as the environment and public order in the Angkor Archeological Park,” he said.

Source: Cambodia bans tourists from eating food on lawns around famed Angkor Wat temple | Xinhua

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