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Discoveries of An Khe. Source: Viet Nam Net, 20190408
Discoveries of An Khe. Source: Viet Nam Net, 20190408

via Viet Nam Net, 08 April 2019: Joint Vietnamese and Russian archaeological investigation in Gia Lai province reveals traces of hominins going back to a million years.

Discoveries made at the Go Da site, An Khe town, Gia Lai province, in 2014 are evidence that An Khe valley was the home of a prehistoric community. Over the past 5 years, Vietnamese and foreign archaeologists have unearthed and made public findings which have shocked many historians.

Archaeologist Phan Thanh Tung discovered the first stone axe at the Go Da site. Two top Vietnamese archaeologists, Doctor Nguyen Khac Su and Doctor Nguyen Gia Doi, came to An Khe to prove that prehistoric men lived here.

The Vietnam Institute of Archaeology and Russia’s Novosibirsk Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology worked under a 5-year cooperative agreement which expires this year to excavate the Go Da and Roc Tung sites in An Khe town.

Discoveries of the early palaeolithic sites in An Khe are evidence that the upper Ba river in An Khe was the home of a prehistoric community about 1 million years ago.

Source: An Khe archeological discoveries shock historians – News VietNamNet

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