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Source: Antara News 20190416
Source: Antara News 20190416
Source: Antara News 20190416

via Antara News, 16 April 2019: Rock art discovered on Kaimear Island in Maluku, located high up on a cliff!

The Maluku Archaeological Center recorded and reported the finding of an archaeological site on Kaimear Island, Pulau-Pulau Kur Sub-district, Tual City, Maluku, October 2018, containing several hundred motifs, pending systematic and intensive research for identification.

“The number of images of rock art motifs on Kaimear Island had yet to be ascertained. Our observations estimate the number to reach 300 to 400 images that can still be clearly seen though some could not be identified, as they had faded or deteriorated,” Wuri Handoko, the Maluku Archeological Center’s archaeologist, revealed here, Monday.

Handoko pointed out that of the rows of painted rock art sites found in Maluku Islands, Kaimear Island site’s discovery is the sole one on a high cliff located 80 to 100 meters above sea level.

Source: Numerous motifs discovered in rock art site on Kaimear Island – ANTARA News

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