Angkor visitor centre being built

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Parvis construction. Source: Khmer Times 20160119

A visitor centre (‘Parvis’) is being built at the western entrance of Angkor Wat which will incorporate parking, and information centre and some shopping and dining options for visitors.

Parvis construction. Source: Khmer Times 20160119

Parvis construction. Source: Khmer Times 20160119

Hospitality Complex for Angkor
Khmer Times, 19 January 2016

An Angkor hospitality complex is being built on the site of the 20th century Air France Hotel along the western moat of Angkor Wat.

The project includes a rest area, shops and restaurants – but no hotel, as early reports previously indicated.

“During the 20th century there was a hotel there under French rule,” Apsara Authority spokesperson Long Kosal said, “but this hotel is now gone. Our current project has nothing to do with accommodation.”

“It is not a commercial complex, and it will never be,” Mr. Long explained. “It is a welcome center. In French they call it ‘parvis.’ It will be a welcome space in which there will be an information center, a rest area, parking, bathrooms, some souvenir shops and local restaurants; a sort of integrated area where all hospitality would be provided.”

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