The Sub Champa Museum and the Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum

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Source: The Nation 20150627

Over the weekend the Nation featured two museums of archaeological interest in Thailand, the Sub Champa Museum in Lopburi and the Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum in Pathum Thani.

Source: The Nation 20150627

Source: The Nation 20150627

How our ancestors lived
The Nation, 28 June 2015

Two museums, one of Lop Buri, the other in Pathum Thani, pay testament to the ancient way of life

The historical parks of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai have long been attracting tourists, both Thai and foreign, yet the ancient Dvaravati resettlement of Sub Champa in Lop Buri province, itself a fascinating historical site, is barely known outside the area.

Located in the Lop Buri-Pasak valley and a mere two hours by car from Bangkok, Sub Champa is a moated site that was a thriving Dvaravati city more than a millennium ago as well as a major trading centre in the central highlands.

Run today by the Subdistrict Administrative Organisation, it is promoting itself as a prototype local learning centre, one that encapsulates the Sub Champa Historical Site, the Sub Champa Museum and the Sirindhorn White Champak Forest. The site was discovered quite by accident back in 1970 during a pest eradication inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and excavation started soon afterwards with an impression collection of artefacts, skeletons and ruins unearthed over the years.

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