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Candi Sukuh in Central Java, noted for the pyramid structure of the central building, is slated for conservation later this year.

Candi Sukuh. Source: Jakarta Globe 20150130

Candi Sukuh. Source: Jakarta Globe 20150130

Collapsing Pyramid at the Hindu Temple of Sukuh to Be Restored by 2016
Jakarta Globe, 30 January 2015

The Central Java Heritage Conservation Agency plans to restore the Hindu temple, known as Sukuh, this March as the earth beneath the temple’s foundation continues to shift.

Some parts of the exotic temple complex will remain open to tourists during the renovations, but not the main pyramid-shaped structure.

The agency estimates that the renovation will be completed in 2016.

Before work can start, however, the agency and a team of archeologists will remove some stones from the pyramid to study the best method to stop the main temple from further damage.

The pyramid is now bulging on one side and could threaten the integrity of the entire structure.

Full story here.

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