Just indexing the rest of the stories from the latest tourists behaving badly at Angkor. According to one article, the phenomenon of tourists taking nudes in Angkor is not unique, and there have been cases reported at other heritage sites. Whatever happened to good old fashioned planking?

preah kahn temple, angkor

Tourists deported after taking nude pics at Angkor
CNN, 10 February 2015

‘Disgraced’ US Sisters Deported for Bare-Bottomed Temple Shoot
Cambodia Daily, 09 February 2015

Caught with their pants down
Phnom Penh Post, 09 February 2015

Cambodia deports US sisters for taking nude photos at Angkor Wat
Asian Correspondent, 09 February 2015

Family insist American sisters who STRIPPED in sacred Angkor Wat ‘didn’t mean to disrespect anyone’ as they are kicked out of Cambodia
Daily Mail, 09 February 2015

US sisters expelled from Cambodia for taking naked pictures in Angkor
International Business Times, 08 February 2015

American sisters deported after taking nude photos at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple
The Independent, 08 February 2015

Sisters kicked out of Cambodia over ‘porn shoot’ at Angkor temple
Metro, 08 February 2015

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