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Visiting shipwreck sites. Source: Vietnam Net 20141020

Another story from last week’s underwater archaeology conference, talking about the shipwrecks found in the Quang Ngai waters and the site visit to Binh Chau.

Visiting shipwreck sites. Source: Vietnam Net 20141020

Visiting shipwreck sites. Source: Vietnam Net 20141020

10 ancient ships found in Binh Chau waters: archaeologists
Vietnam Net, 20 October 2014

During an international seminar on underwater archeology in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, held in Quang Ngai province last week, hundreds of scientists and underwater archeologists conducted a survey and a scuba diving tour in Binh Chau.

At the age of 80, underwater archeologist Borje Rorssell (Sweden) did not hesitate to wear diving clothes and scuba to explore the waters of Binh Chau. After two hours of diving to see wrecks there, Rorssell said the shipwrecks contained many ceramic antiquities with beautiful patterns. The wrecks are only 4m under the water’s surface so it is very favorable for the development of diving tours.

“I’ve been researching underwater cultural heritage in many places in the world but Binh Chau has unique coastal waters with a beautiful strait and many mysterious ancient sunken ships,” he said.

Full story here.

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