This year’s excavations at Angkor Wat

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A feature on the excavations at Angkor Wat that just wrapped up.

Source: Nat Geo Traveller, 20180716

Source: Nat Geo Traveller, 20180716

Cambodia: Angkor Wat’s new discovery
Nat Geo Traveller, 16 July 2018

This is no camping ground, but an excavation site — one of myriad archaeological digs underway in the Angkor area that come under the umbrella of the Greater Angkor Project.

Beneath one of the tarps, Coline Cardeño, a young University of the Philippines archaeology student with a big smile, stands in a deep grave-like trench scribbling measurements onto a clipboard. Not far away, at the end of another trench, American archaeologist Dr Alison Carter sits at a table piled with papers and a MacBook with a battery-life obviously longer than mine.

These two archaeologists, along with others I meet — Cambodian PhD candidate Piphal Heng, ceramics specialist Rachna Chhay from the APSARA Authority, which manages Angkor Archaeological Park, and the University of Hawaii’s Dr Miriam Stark — are doing fieldwork in the walled area surrounding Angkor Wat.

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