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A permanent exhibition on Homo floresiensis has opened in the University of Wollongong, showcasing the work of the university’s archaeologists on the remarkable find.

‘Hobbit’ star of the show
Illawara Mercury, 26 February 2013

ARCHAEOLOGIST E.Wahyu Saptomo knew he was on to something big in 2003 when his digging team uncovered what appeared to be the remains of a small hominin.

Marking it as something very different from other finds were the shape of the brow, and the fact it was found in the pleistocene layer of soil deposits at the dig site, a cave on the Indonesian island of Flores.

Yesterday a new permanent exhibition was opened at the University of Wollongong describing the work of UOW researchers in the find, and including a full-scale replica of the little one.

Wollongong Professor Mike Morwood was the co-leader of the archaeological team, which also included UOW Professor Bert Roberts.

Full story here.

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