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Indonesia confirms that a team of observers will be sent to the disputed border between Cambodia and Thailand at Preah Vihear.

Preah Vihear, cc image

Preah Vihear, cc image

Indonesian Observer Team Will Head to Cambodia-Thai Border
Jakarta Globe, 17 January 2012

In the wake of recent developments related to the border dispute between Cambodia and Thailand, Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa said on Monday that Indonesia would continue the long-delayed plan to send an Indonesian observer team to the border.

“I can confirm this thanks to the positive outcome of discussions between the Thai and Cambodian governments,” Marty told the Jakarta Globe.

“Both countries reaffirmed their wish to have an Indonesian observer team in the 4.6-square kilometer provisional demilitarized zone as a follow up to the International Court of Justice ruling,” he added, referring to the disputed area surrounding the centuries-old Preah Vihear temple, to which both countries have claims.

Full story here.

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