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I think I’m just about done with the blog redesign. I didn’t mean to, but last week’s problems with the comment spam eventually forced me to shut the site down for a while (hopefully you didn’t notice!) and reinstall everything from scratch. Besides the cosmetic retouch (which still looks very close to the old site), here are some other tweaks and details from the back-end:

  • I’ve installed a broken-link checker. Many of the stories that I once posted have since expired, so I’ve removed the links to them to prevent confusion and the nuisance of reaching a 404 page.
  • A good deal (most, practically) of the images on this blog have been lost. Unfortunately, this may be permanently situation. 🙁
  • Posts now can be geotagged. Now I’ll be able to link stories with locations on a map and you can see how it works with my most recent post.
  • I’ve updated all the pages on the top menu, too.
  • A mobile theme has been enabled on this site, so you can read SEAArch from your smartphone as well, on a less image-intensive theme.
  • A new Facebook page, upgraded from our previous Facebook group which is scheduled to be archived. If you’re a member of the Facebook group you would have received a message about the new page with instructions about how to move there. I’ll close the Facebook group by the end of the month.
  • I’ve cleaned up the advertising on the site. The pages are less cluttered now, although the ads are the only way the site pays for itself (and only just barely). Your continued support (especially doing your shopping through the Amazon.com links via this site) would be most appreciated!
  • I’m working on another web project having to do with archaeology, and I’ll be announcing that very soon!

Your comments and suggestions would still be most welcome!

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