Last post for the year

So I’m enjoying my year-end break a little too much… and I’ll resume normal postings with the new year, once I get settled down again. For the last post of the year, here’s a roundup of the stories from the past two weeks. Happy new year!



  • The Jakarta Globe shines the spotlight on Sukuh and Cetho, two temples in Central Java.
  • The Bangkok Post reviews a new book on Borobudur.



  • The famous Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun, has been declared safe after post-flooding inspections.
  • Unesco affirms its support for the restoration of Ayutthaya.


  • The Thai Binh Province Museum gets a US Ambassador’s grant to restore some wooden artefacts.

UNESCO team surveys Preah Vihear damage

A team from Unesco recently inspected the damage done to Preah Vihear after this year’s fighting between Cambodia and Thailand over the territory.

Preah Vihear, wikicommons image

UNESCO team views Preah Vihear damage

Phnom Penh Post, 15 December 2011

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600-year-old wall found inside the Thang Long Citadel

Archaeologists discover the remains of a 600-year-old wall within the compound of the World-heritage listed Thang Long Citadel.

Wall discovered within the Thang Long Citadel, Tuoi Tre News, 20111216

600-year-old wall found at heritage site
Tuoi Tre News, 15 December 2011
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Singapore's Fort Canning Hill is steeped in history – and archaeology

My native Singapore may be a shopping paradise and a culinary kaleidoscope, but if you’re interested in her archaeology one only has to look at Fort Canning Hill (which, incidentally, sits behind the National Museum of Singapore). This feature from the Bangkok Post showcases the deep history of Singapore’s Forbidden Hill.

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Malaysian government to buy land surrounding Bujang Valley site

An Information, Communications and Culture Minister has said that the Malaysian government will buy the land surrounding Bujang Valley archaeological sites in a bid to protect the archaeological potential there.

Govt to protect land surrounding Lembah Bujang heritage site
The Star, 13 December 2011
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Museum acquires rare Vietnamese pottery

A US Museum has acquired a rare example of a Le Dynasty glazed stoneware jar, reportedly from a private collection in Bangkok.

Le Dynasty stoneware glazed jar acquired by the Birmingham Museum of Art, Tuoi Tre News 20111212

American museum acquires Vietnamese antique

Tuoi Tre News, 12 December 2011

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Metal age burial site discovered in Myanmar

Archaeologists have unearthed a large metal age cemetery, with at least 35 individuals, thought to be from the Bronze or Iron age in the Mandalay region of Myanmar.

Burial in Gyogon Village, Pyawbwe Township. Myanmar Times 20111212-18

Pre-Pyu era remains uncovered in Pyawbwe township
The Myanmar Times, 12-18 December 2011
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Ayutthaya’s lesser known sites may be lost in the flood triage

With limited funds to repair the flood damage, some of the lesser-known sites in Ayutthaya may be completely lost as funds for repair are prioritised to more prominent sites.

photo credit: BernieCB

Ayutthaya’s ‘forgotten’ temples damned by deluge
Bangkok Post, 11 December 2011
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Archaeologists excavate sculpture workshop in Angkor

The remains of a sculpture workshop has been discovered in near the Bakong in Angkor, giving insight to the tools and methods used in building the sculptures and monuments of Angkor. (Thanks to Dr Martin Polkinghorne for the heads up)

Bakong, Angkor Complex, Cambodia
photo credit: Olga Oslina

Questions and answers at dig
Phnom Penh Post, 08 December 2011
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