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The wet season is not only affecting Cambodia, but Thailand as well. Flooding has started to damage several Ayutthaya-period ruins.

Pom Phet flooded. Bangkok Post 20111003

Historical fort flooded in Ayutthaya
Bangkok Post, 03 October 2011

Historic Ayutthaya temple inundated; villagers evacuated
MCOT News, 04 October 2011

Floods threaten Lop Buri temple’s murals
The Nation, 04 October 2011

Two-metre sandbag barriers have failed to protect a 500-year-old fortress in Ayutthaya from rising flood waters, reports said on Monday.

The surging waters had entered Phet Fortress (Pom Phet) even as more than 100 staff from the Fine Arts Department were urgently stacking up more sandbags and draining water from the old site.

An official at Pom Phet said the barriers were destroyed by strong water currents caused by boats.

Full story here. Additional stories here and here.

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