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Chinese archaeologists will begin their second excavation of the Nanhai No. 1 at the Maritime Silk Road Museum to determine, basically, which end of the wreck is which. Readers may recall that the entire wreck, including the seabed was transported from under the water into containment at the museum, so visitors will actually be able to observe archaeologists working on the wreck.

Second excavation of sunken vessel ‘Nanhai No. 1’ begins
People’s Daily, 22 March 2011

Thirteen professionals have arrived at the Maritime Silk Road Museum of Guangdong Province and are preparing for the second indoor trial excavation of the sunken vessel “Nanhai No. 1,” according to announcement made by the museum on March 21. The excavation is expected to last for around one month.

The second trial excavation will be carried out on the bow and stern of the ship and will verify which end is indeed the bow and stern. According to sources, the excavation will further perfect the indoor underwater archaeological parameters and make preparations for the full excavation plan.

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