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120 Thai MPs petition the House Speaker to request that Unesco delay listing the controversial temple until the borders can be properly demarcated.

Govt MPs oppose listing of P.Vihear
Bangkok Post, 16 Feb 2011

UN urges cease-fire, peaceful Thai-Cambodia settlement
AP, via Todayonline, 16 Feb 2011

Cambodia urges ASEAN ceasefire deal with Thailand
AFP, via Todayonline, 18 Feb 2011

A total of 120 MPs of the Democrat Party and its coalition partners on Wednesday afternoon submitted a letter to House Speaker Chai Chidchob calling on him to ask Unesco to put the listing of Preah Vihear temple as a world heritage site on hold.

The letter was accepted by Deputy House Speaker Col Apiwon Wiriyachai.

MP Atthaporn Ponbutr said he and his colleagues oppose the listing of the ancient temple because the area around it is still in dispute and the scene of clashes between Thai and Cambodian troops from Feb 4 to 7 that caused death and injuriy to soldiers and civilians of both sides.

“There are photos which show that Cambodian troops used Preah Vihear temple as an operations base, which is a violation of the principle and conditions for listing of a world heritage site and has put the temple at risk of being damaged,” he said.

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