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The French Embassy in Indonesia has a short report on the French-Indonesian archaeological collaboration  held this year on the changing use of rock shelters and caves in Borneo (Kalimantan in particular), with respect to rock art and settlement history. (Thanks to Robert Greaves for the heads up)
Mission Archéologique à Bornéo 2010
The French Embassy in Indonesia, 2010
(In French)

(Text translated from Google Translate)

Mission 2010 was held as scheduled from 6 to 30 June 2010, as part of the excavation program conducted in cooperation with our Indonesian counterparts in Jakarta and Banjarmasin.

In scientific terms, we have further expanded to an area rich in karst caves decorated, located 50 km north-west Mountains Marang still under study. It has to begin collecting data on comparative searches over a dozen sites of human occupation in the region identified Merabu, which are complementary to those studied in previous years (Liang and Liang Abu Beloyot), and of interest to study the population dynamics of this region. Surveys taken have led to the discovery of a large number of lithic artefacts, pottery and bone, including human remains (12 burials studied). Moreover, the presence on site of ancestral indigenous communities claiming (the Lebbo ‘), helped gather information ethno-linguistic analysis of which allows a perspective of our findings in a multidisciplinary framework that combines the practical Homes, and wall art archéobiologie.

In 2011, following initial results archaeological and ethno-linguistic collected we identified the area of origin and dispersion of Lebbo ‘there several centuries and are looking surveys and excavations in this area (northern region of Marang and Jon Liang site) to help investigate the continuity of settlement in this region. Dispersion even more ancient Lebbo ‘from the Lake Danau Teboh is also envisaged, which will lead us to explore and delve into what is a circus whose natural geological similar examples worldwide of these environments are areas Shelters for humans.

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