Diorama of Maitum Jar finds opened in city hall

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The Maitum City Hall is hosting a special diorama featuring the anthrpomorphic jar finds from the area, in conjunction with the city’s 50th anniversary. The jars, first found in Ayub Cave, feature faces which are believed to contain the remains of the person whose likeness is on the jar. A second cache of jars was recovered last year from illegal antiquities dealers who were trying to smuggle the jars out of Maitum. The jars, dated between 5 BC and 225 AD, are quite unique and no similar examples have been discovered elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Philippines opens exhibit on Mindanao archeological finds
Mindanao Examiner, 05 May 2009

Maitum opens diorama of archaeological discovery
PIA Information Services, 05 May 2009
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